Scenario planning for schools during Covid-19, (transl. “School at home”) is a collaborative support site run by several public sector authorities, research institutes, academic researchers, private education technology suppliers and school administrative organizations. The collaboration, set up with rapid deployment in March 2020 as a reponse to Covid-19 and supports formal authorities from a people-in-the-field perspective. Support documentation, guides and current and relevant news updates has been part of the core mission.

On a strategic level, the many actors have also been able to share information across organizations, enabling quicker and more useful input to questions such as school lunches, mental health among students, legality and integrity issues with distance learning, and so on.

As part of the work, the team behind has put together a scenario planning model on how schools have been affected in Sweden, what possible paths and scenarios are likely in the fall of 2020, and how to move on in a world where the pandemic has changed how we interact with each other.

Now, the scenario planning documentation is available in English for international organizations seeking to draw inspiration or take part of the work that has been done. The material is shared under a CC-BY (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden) and can be freely used by anyone under that license.

Find the document here.